Which test should my child take? ACT or SAT?

We recommend taking a full length practice test of the ACT to compare to past PSAT test results.  Some students may perform better on one test than the other.

Colleges will accept either test.

How much does it cost to take either test?

ACT – $52 without writing test

           $68 with writing test


SAT – $49.50 without writing test

           $64.50 with writing test

Late registration fees are currently $30 for each test.


How do we sign up to take either test?



Does my child need to take the writing test?

In the past few years, most colleges have dropped the requirement for the writing test.

As of Spring 2020, University of California and several other colleges continue to require the ACT or SAT be taken with a writing test to be considered with the admissions material being submitted for a decision.