Tutoring Areas of Focus:

* Reading / Language Arts

* Math (all levels)

* Writing

* Science (including Biology, Chemistry and Physics)

* Spanish - Online only

* Social Studies / History / Economics

* General Study Skills / Test taking / Organization

Information we will gather from you and your child before the first session:

Academic Assessments and Learning Style Assessment

Gather information from parents

Collect input from teachers, school assessments
and IEPs/504 plans, if applicable.

Academic Assessment conducted at K-12 Learning (Optional)

Build Individualized Tutoring Program

We will use one or several of these options as requested by parents:

Use student’s school based curriculum

Use K-12 Learning tutor provided curriculum

K-12 Learning tutorials and educational materials

Use student selected online courses (credit recovery, course replacement)

Communicate and Check for Progress and

Receive tutoring session reminders 30 hours prior to scheduled tutoring session.

Receive detailed note outlining what occurred at each tutoring session.

We can include teachers, grandparents and other family members on the email that is provided regarding what occurred during the tutoring sessions.